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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 19, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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for charles tomorrow night. you can catch him normally every other day of the year catch me 1:00 p.m. eastern time on "risk & reward." right now lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. . lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. radical islamist terrorists are butchering burning and beheading victims in the name of islam but president obama seemingly unable to confront our enemies in the middle east and northern africa, today turned from the awesome powers of the presidency to his bully pulpit. to proselytize and persuade americans to embrace muslims in america. our president has regressed to his former role as a community organizer and taken up a new role as the apologist in chief. as he concluded a white house meeting encountering what he calls violent extremism. >> obviously, there is a
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complicated history between the middle east, the west and none of us should be immune from criticism in terms of specific policies, but the notion that the west is at war with islam is an ugly lie, and all of us regardless of our faith have a responsibility to reject it. lou: but it is not a lie, but rather an absolute truth that we are at war with radical islamists who grow in strength and power in the middle east, and the president and his administration instead are rejecting that truth, at least publicly. where did mr. obama ever get the idea becoming an empathizer in chief rather than victorious commander in chief. he may have been inspired by hillary clinton who nearly three months ago said this -- >> this is what we call smart
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power, using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one's enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible empathize with their perspective and point of view, helping to define the problems determine the solutions. lou: the obama administration for its part moving way beyond her counsel and engaging with enemies whether elements of the syrian so-called moderate rebels or the taliban or iran itself. nuclear talks with iran set to resume tomorrow. the united states and turkey have signed a deal to train and to arm the so-called moderate syrian rebels whose moderation is not assured. and afghanistan's taliban reportedly ready to engage in peace talks with the afghan government. officials in washington deny direct u.s. involvement, but
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the white house does say that they are supportive of the process. we take up the new white house apologia for terrorists as well as negotiations with radical islamist terrorists we'll be talking with fox news terrorism analyst walid phares, and zuhdi jasser and new revelations that foreign governments are pumping millions of dollars into the clinton foundation, raising conflict of interest and ethics concerns about the presumed front-runner for the 2016 democratic nomination. a full report on clinton fund-raising. on wall street from corporate america and what about the foreign governments? . we begin with the obama administration's islamic state strategy as it can be devined, laid out the plans for a spring
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offensive to retake mosul which is held by 2,000 islamic state terrorists. iraqi and kurdish military force of 20 to 25,000 troops is readied, according to cent com to recapture iraq's second largest city. the u.s. military is training 3200 of the iraqi troops. joining us to take up all of this and more, former director of national intelligence five-time ambassador john negroponte. ambassador, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: we have heard secretary clinton talk about smart power. we're hearing the president talk about empathizing and understanding better the enemies, a war that he has led by the way for six years. why the sudden change in tone direction and this extraordinary philosophy that he's now operating under apparently? >> well, i mean i think the administration itself is in a
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better position to answer that. it seems to me to have something to do with talking about the longer term issues the root causes and how in all of these societies, ultimately the swaum of terrorism has to be drained. but in the meanwhile, there are very grave security issues out there in countries like syria, iraq libya, as we now know and those have to be dealt with with firm security measures, and what i find interesting is while there is this talk about soft power and the longer term solutions, the administration is, in fact, gearing up to take isil on in iraq which i think is the right policy, whether you agree with them telegraphing their punches or not. but it seems to me they've had some success up until now in stemming the isil onslaught and preparing to take back some of this lost territory.
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so i think there's some good news buried in here at the same time. lou: you know, i'm always suspicious, ambassador, and certainly not of your comments or of good faith but always of any administration -- republican or democrat -- during a time of war, and this is still that telling us about good news. the fact is we're looking at a force that this president does not want to acknowledge as being at war with the west, that is now in control of an estimated 50,000 square kilometers in the middle east, syria and iraq dominion as many as 10 million people, and to dismiss it as if it is some sort of community organization challenge seems to me to be the best i can construct, naive. >> i would be the last person in the world to dismiss it but i do recall a number of months ago when isil was tearing through mosul and headed down
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further south, that some people were asking themselves whether they would move onto baghdad, that hasn't happened. as i said again i think things have been turned back somewhat and i think they're going to succeed in recapturing mosul and restoring a semblance of order in iraq, and i think the big question is what are they going to do about syria? that's the next big question. lou: and those are the questions they think have many americans trembling with concern, if i may be so dramatic, and that is because this administration has been extraordinarily lousy at reading either intelligence or it has not had adequate intelligence in anticipating and influencing favorably the outcome of world events. we turn, whether it be to syria next iraq is now under the strong hand of iran as you well know. we're looking at libya in utter chaos and depending on the day within the grasp of the
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islamic state itself there. doesn't seem to be a strategy certainly not a public one, and doesn't seem there is no obtain evidence of a strategy that's being executed against iran and its designs in the region. >> i would point out that in the wake of the great successes that isil initially had, and some of those gruesome beheadings, the administration did respond they sent a couple of 3,000 people out to iraq, which i had not expected. i never thought they were going to do. i thought when the last troops left at the end of 2011, that was it. i was very pessimistic about the prospects of getting our people back in there, and i think that's to the good. so i think it's a mixed picture. obviously could be better, and i hope it does improve in the months ahead. lou: one area that does not seem to be -- there's no, again, apparent improvement in
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the offing, that is ukraine, where vladimir putin holds it seems, every card is playing them extraordinarily well against a wrapped and imfeebled nato and united states. >> i agree with you and i think the ukrainian situation is very grim. i think the administration should have reacted much sooner with this situation that's been going on for months now, and this whole issue of whether or not to provide some weapons to a friendly government asking for help, and still there's been no decision and, of course as a result the russians have consolidated territory there, succeeded in creating carving out an enclave that is going to now become like a frozen conflict such as they've established elsewhere in their so-called near abroad. and it's going to give them some pretext for continuing to mettle in a country like the
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ukraine in the future. so i think it's a very unfortunate situation. it's not too late for the west to shore up its reaction but i think a lot of valuable time has been lost. lou: ambassador negroponte always good to see you, appreciate your insight. >> thank you thank you. lou: president obama bringing a familiar face back to the white house. state department press secretary jen psaki will be moving back to the white house to head up the president's communications team. but critics say the president may be valuing allegiance over aptitude sake has come under criticism for the way she defends the administration. last week she would not acknowledge that jews were targeted in the paris attacks and last april she was derided with tweets like this marked as hashtag diplomacy. she replaces jennifer palmieri part of a white house exodus of
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top advisers john podesta, dan pfeiffer all have left the white house recently. no weapons required. president obama will conquer radical islamist terrorism, take a look at strategy, if it can be called that. stay with us.
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go to jasser. zuhdi jasser.
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. lou: the president has over the past several days moved from his declaration to destroy the islamic state to what seems to be extraordinary strategy of empathizing and understanding better radical islamist terrorists. >> so if we're serious about countering violent extremism, we have to get serious about confronting the economic grievances. here, at this summit the united states will make new commitments to help young people including in muslim communities to forge new collaborations in entrepreneurship, and science and technology. lou: to help us understand better what the president is all about here, what his remarks really mean, joining us is fox news middle east and
7:16 pm
terrorism analyst dr. walid phares and zuhdi jasser president for center for democracy. did the president come across as apologist for radical islamist terrorism? >> i don't think he was apologizing for the radicals but certainly apologizing for the house of islam. and he's marginalizing the reformers. he opened his speech talking about the fascisms that we destroyed in world war ii. the communism we overcame in the cold war, and then i was waiting for the islamism to be mentioned and talked about the tactic of violent extremism. i'm sorry, but the president takes the american public for fools in somehow we're going to take on a tactic without the ideology, and if he wants to engage reformers, we have to acknowledge that our allies want to reform against theocracy against the muslim world that creates movements
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like isis. lou: president sisi of egypt al-sisi, walid stood up and called for the reform of islam. he is running a government effectively he's still confronted by extraordinary economic disaster in the country that he now leads. why is there not a clear statement to all of islam that sisi is the future, and that what he is doing is important to the region? >> well remember, when before president sisi was elected with an overwhelming majority, 22.4 million votes in egypt and before that another referendum, there was the largest human demonstration ever in egypt with 33 million egyptians. what is important about what's happening in egyptian is not just the statement made by the president, which are important, but what is behind that? the will of overwhelming majority of egyptians who have never demonstrated before. by the way, 80% of those who
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walked are poor and very poor, and what it is they are opposing, the muslim brotherhood, the same they think are representative of egypt, the arab world and we should partner with them. there is a misperception of what's happening in the middle east. lou: is there a misperception, zuhdi, or absolute perception by this administration that sisi represents a powerful force within egypt and the participatory empower. of millions of egyptians under his what was thought to be a certainly an autocratic authoritarian regime, instead is lining up with israel, is a positive force calling for the reform of islam, and something with which this president does not want to be associated? >> well, this president does not want to take on the difficult job of trying to say not only that we're against
7:19 pm
violent extremism but that we're for liberty, and articulating exactly what is the american principles and who are our allies the al-sisi's of the world, he called for reform against the violence, but he's part of this evil empire, the organization of islamic cooperation, and the president is so deep in bed with so many of the old guard islamist mafia of the saudis and the qataris and the military dictators. lou: you just named our leading allies in the coalition in the war against terror. you're a purist tonight. >> well, it's not purism it's fact that the future is. the secularist -- lou: i have no problem with purism. >> well that's the short-term military problem. isis of the world come out of assad regimes, the saddam husseins, the mubaraks and the al-sisis, and tunisia had a secular party that explained the islamist in the democratic
7:20 pm
methods. there are green ref lusions in iran. that will be a solution for the long-term solution of terrorism rather than the short-term whack-a-mole program of the military approaches to radical islam. >> you know, zuhdi mentioned, walid, the whack-a-mole tactics of the administration, many in the coalition. the reality is there is no strategy to deal with radical islamist terrorism. there is a lot of lip service, we have the former secretary of state calling for greater empathy and understanding of our enemy, when we've been at war with that enemy now, outright war for 13 years full years, and more. and this president has been in office for six years leading that war, and suddenly today is talking in abstractions, and
7:21 pm
other words that could be brought to bear on his language. it's sophistry, specious and irrelevant to what is the threat that confronts western civilization is it not? >> well, i think the president, the administration their adviser are only about reflecting what the academic elite in this country have been pushing for, even the entire war since 9/11 the war to end wars are not considered legitimate. they consider the weak partners are the islamists or the iranian regime, and they believe they will not engage in more confrontation of the ideology that is jihadism. lou: walid phares and zuhdi jasser, thank you for helping us understand the language that the west faces. thanks much. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: we ask whether you believed the worldwide audience for president obama's remarks
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yesterday in any way improved america's image around the globe in ? 98% of you said no. be sure to vote tonight -- we'd like to hear from you, vote at a superbug outbreak at one of california's leading hospitals, the ronald reagan ucla medical center nearly 180 patients there may have been exposed to one of the deadliest bacteria known. government officials say the antibiotic resistant superbug contaminated medical scopes over the past several months. infecting at least 7 patients 2 have died. the rest of those patience at risk have been sent home testing kits. up next, sympathizing with the devil, empathizing with our enemies, has president obama
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embraced a new role as apologist in chief? my commentary is next.
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. lou: a few comments now on an administration that draws attention to itself with ever-increasingly bizarre speeches and remarks by the president. his coterie of underlings and accolades of strikes. after listening to the blatherings of participants in the white house summit on so-called countering violent extremism and area one with guts or integrity to name the enemy, i can't decide whether everyone in attendance has gone off the rails rendered noncompis mentis or roles as radical islamist terrorists. the past few days of fantasy and dilution hardly betrayed the grim reality that the islamic state is sted le-- and
7:28 pm
areas are an estimated 8 to 10 million people. and who are about to use libya as a gateway to europe itself. yet, our president seems to be suddenly, suddenly animated with a deep desire to explain away radical islamists, and their evil acts and rather than kill them, or stop them as he put it just weeks ago he's apparently pausing in his efforts to degrade and destroy them. frankly, i don't think there's any way to explain away beheadings, burning people alive, mass slaughter, all a very obvious and seemingly effective tactic to instill fear in your enemies. it doesn't require deep prolonged analysis. some seem to find comfort in their pedestrian musings
7:29 pm
though, and their eternal obliviation. >> when people especially young people feel entirely trapped in impoverished communities, where there is no order and path for advancement. where there are no educational opportunity, no ways to support families, and no escape from injustice and the humiliations of corruptions, that feeds instability and disorder, and makes those communities ripe for extremist recruitment. >> we must remain unwavering in our fight against terrorist organizations. and in afghanistan, our coalition is focused on training and assisting afghan forces, we'll continue to conduct counterterrorism missions against the remnants of al qaeda in the tribal regions. lou: the remnants of al qaeda? a tiresome attempt it seems to me at updating the president's old al qaeda is on the run.
7:30 pm
no doubt the radical islamists and those they radicalize are cowering in fear before the president's powerful onslaught of kindness and deep understanding. >> we have to confront the warped ideologies espoused by al qaeda and isil especially attempt to use islam to justify their violence. i discussed this at length yesterday. these terrorists are desperate for legitimacy and all of us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like isil somehow represent islam, because that is a falsehood that embraces the terrorists narrative. lou: and no one, no one whom i have heard speak on the issue thinks that the islamic state represents all of islam. imagine. listen to secretary of state, though john kerry, as he joins the mad chorus. >> there's been a silly debate
7:31 pm
in the media in the last days about what you have to do? you have to do everything. you have to take the team off the battlefield who are there today, but you're kind of stupid if do that and don't prevent more people from going to the battlefield. lou: i don't know what's happened to the president and his people. i do know it's nothing good certainly not for our country nor our allies but i do know where the president may have been first influenced to reduce his role as commander in chief to that of armchair sociologist. before kerry, there was clinton. >> this is what we call smart power, using every possible tool and partner to advance peace and security leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one's enemies trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible empathize with their perspective and point of view,
7:32 pm
helping to define the problems determine the solutions. lou: we have to empathize with our enemies. only a fool would fight what is doctrine now, that is a long war, when a short war can be won decisively. empathize with our enemies? god help us all. now our quotation of the evening for our president's consideration if you will. those the words of historian and political commentator daniel pipes. up next, the president spent two days talking about how to better understand terrorism after six years fighting a war on terrorism. what will congress do about giving him the war powers that he asked for? perhaps empathetic powers would
7:33 pm
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. lou: among the top stories we're following, there's growing speculation that reality star bruce jenner could face manslaughter charges as a result of a four-car accident in which a 69-year-old woman was killed earlier this month. new reports claim police are now in possession of a video
7:37 pm
that shows it was jenner's vehicle that actually caused the crash when he rear ended two of the cars involved. if that is the case, this video animation of the incident created by a technology company would be accurate, and the 69-year-old woman killed the driver of the light colored car. and amazing, amazing video out of an air show at india showing two red bull stunt planes as they collided in midair. the planes were trying an inverted loop when they clipped each other's wings. fortunately, both pilots managed to gain control of their aircraft they landed safely without injury to either. my next guest calls the white house summit on countering environment extremism a, quote feel good thing saying we don't know if our allies can depend us and
7:38 pm
enemies don't fear us. joining us ted yoho congressman, good to have you with us. this violent extremism and this concern for our enemies seems to overwhelm any concern that is exhibiting about the coptic christians, the ethnic cleansing of christians as a result of the radical islamist terrorism that's being conducted daily in the middle east and north africa? >> i agree, lou, you have to address the issue, and you know, i had mentioned earlier today in an interview that our enemies, our allies don't know if they can depend and countous, and enemies don't fear or respect us, and i don't care if they respect us they ought to know that we mean what we say and stand behind that. when you come out of white house not addressing who the enemy is, and you're doing all this other stuff, it adds more
7:39 pm
to that confusion, to the people that we're trying to work for or to get them to go away from the radical islamic jihad that they're doing the terrorist activity. there's confusion in the world. lou: is there confusion in the congress? is the congress, despite everything that this president is saying exhibiting and the way in which he's conducted the war during his tenure as president over six years, are you really going to authorize him with war powers? >> you asked if there was confusion in the congress. i don't think you see that. especially on fortunately -- foreign affairs, that is one of the strongest committees with eliot engel and ed royce on that. the people that come in there that were explaining the aumf both sides were very strong, and both sides said they could not support the aumf in the
7:40 pm
current form. when it starts in the aumf that says they're going to degrade and destroy the enemy, i asked the question define destroying the enemy, and they couldn't give me a clear concise answer, and i said if you go back to iraq, and we had al qaeda on the run, and this president blazeingly said that we've got al qaeda beat down to the jv team. they're nothing to worry about. but yet out of that spawned isis. and if you don't have a clear, defined mission, you can't go into a battle, and i will not support putting our young men and women in harm's way. lou: chairman royce, when he was here last we talked about the strategy or lack of strategy, and he is deeply, deeply concerned about that. is it your view right now, that the democratic party and the republican party will unite to deny the president war power authority? >> in the current form that it was in that we were presented with, i don't see support behind that. and again, if they don't have a
7:41 pm
mission statement, and i heard your opening dialogue or the earlier one when you were saying this white house won't come out and define who the enemy is, and i ask that question, and they -- the experts skirted around that definition and we're at war with islamic terrorism, and we're at war with isis and even in the name of isis stands for the islamic state of iraq and the levant, and i mean it's pretty much clear cut and dry if you have the white house not willing to say, that how can you back somebody that's not adamant and concise of where they want to go? lou: congressman ted yoho good to have you with us. >> lou, appreciate it thank you. lou: vice president biden drawing criticism at the very least for this remark in which he claimed he has a great relationship with a somali community in his hometown of wilmington, delaware. >> my city of wilmington,
7:42 pm
delaware on, a smaller scale, is a large identifiable somali community. i might add if you come to the train station with me you'll notice that i have great relationships with them because there's an awful lot of them driving cabs, and are friends of mine, for real. lou: for real. well according to the "washington post," fact checker, there are hardly hardly any, if any somali cab drivers in wilmington whatsoever. biden with his for real comments gets four pinocchios for them being not relationship. the worst rating. up next the democratic front-runner for the 2016 nomination faces questions about ties to foreign governments. john roberts with the latest scandal facing the former secretary of state. a full report straight ahead. you, my friend are a master of diversification. who would have thought three cheese lasagna would go with chocolate cake and ceviche?
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7:47 pm
u.s. employees but offered disappointing earnings outlook. a reminder listen to my financial reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. the 2016 democratic front-runner faces tough questions, yet to respond to reports of foreign governments pouring millions of dollars into the bill hillary and chelsea clinton foundation including nations with ties to terrorists organizations. fox news national correspondent john roberts with our report. >> reporter: even democrats are shaking their heads tonight at news the foundation that bears hillary clinton's name is quietly back in the foreign donations game. >> politically, this is potentially catastrophic move for hillary clinton, and you know, evidence of a big blind spot, if she thinks she can continue to get away with it. >> reporter: when clinton was named secretary of state the white house asked the foundation to shut the door on most foreign contributions to avoid question of ethics. when she stepped down in 2013,
7:48 pm
the newly renamed bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation threw the doors back up and collected tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments and billionaires overseas. >> very unwise for hillary clinton to be associated with a foundation taking millions of dollars from foreign governments. this isn't just the appearance of a conflict of interest. it's a real conflict of interest. >> reporter: the clinton foundation rejects conflict of interest, in a statement to fox news saying, quote the clinton foundation is a philanthropy, period adding it has strong donor integrity and transparency practices. the foundation points to the fact that donors are voluntarily disclosed in website saying, quote -- taking money from foreign governments as she's preparing for a possible presidential run is seen as a huge unforced error. >> i think she's made a real mistake here with other mistakes here nascent campaign
7:49 pm
has made in recent months, and it really calls into question whether the clinton political juggernaut is ready for primetime. >> reporter: and not just republicans who may use it to attack her democrats are looking to senator elizabeth warren as a candidate less beholden to big money and influence. >> what do you think this does to that argument? it gives it more ammunition sets it aflame. >> reporter: the foundation has no plans to reinstate the moratorium on foreign contributions, a source told me people worried about this prior to her becoming secretary of state have, quote, since been proven wrong, in atlanta, john roberts, fox news. lou: two potential republican presidential candidates raising concerns about their position on illegal immigration. senator marco rubio giving up on gutting the president's amnesty fiat for illegal immigrants through a bill funding the department of homeland security. >> we have to fund homeland security, i'm in favor of a
7:50 pm
chance in succeeding that can stop the new order. the president is not going to sign that and we don't have the votes to pass it in the senate. we can't get homeland security shut down. lou: wisconsin governor scott walker claims he is against amnesty. but according to politico that wasn't the case in 2006 when he's the milwaukee executive backed immigration bill authored by mccain and kennedy. so both well it's kind of hard to figure. both senators senator rubio and the governor walker are meeting in the middle as they reverse direction. it's hard to keep up sometimes when it comes to the illegal immigration issue. the dumbest criminal of the week may be a 33-year-old oregon man, a stalking case that is still under investigation, but the suspect apparently thought he could use this opportunity to file a
7:51 pm
police brutality report. you may notice he's beating the dickens out of himself, punching himself in the face several times. his rather ill conceived plot didn't work because as you see here, the cameras were rolling in the holding room and they caught the whole thing, and his case sort of -- i think it's embarrassingly clear what happened to it. up next, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani making a self-proclaimed horrible statement, many agree with it. the a-team, jason riley and leslie sanchez with us next.
7:52 pm
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to the one joining us now is columnist manhattan institute senior fellow jason riley, founder and ceo leslie sanchez. let's start with you a three-day conference in which it seems the talk has been about something they call extreme violence. i mean, what is going on with this outfit that we call the administration? >> i think the president is trying to walk a thin line that it is creating an additional amount of frustration.
7:56 pm
there's not enough for the president to equivocate on where he stands with terrorists and i think that he's really trying to politically navigate that ledge. lou: he has been leading the war. >> now he wants to understand radical islam did not mention it. >> the terrorist keep saying they are acting in the name of religion. and he is fundamentally, he is uncomfortable with leading the free world. he is of the opinion that america is the big instability issue in the world. and he is uncomfortable with the mission. lou: as well as uncomfortable with his world. angela merkel has been the leader of the free world and has been leading the talks and the
7:57 pm
is an applet table. >> absolutely, you're not the only one to notice. [laughter] >> that is part of this frustration and there's also an apologist leader of the free world, and that is not the tone i think that that's one that we saw very much in the 70s, and there's not an appetite for it especially as this continues. >> he is projecting weakness. it's bad. the leader of the free world is projecting weakness and he is indecisive and that is not what we want in a leader. lou: interestingly he has been decisive on two occasions at lee's, one throwing hosni mubarak and getting ready qadhafi in libya. and the result has been a disaster for him and his policies, supporting the
7:58 pm
egyptian brotherhood in egypt, who knows what he intended. the result is disastrous let's turn to the justice department. i thought that a holder was going to leave quietly. >> well, he hasn't made a decision yet, but he's talking about it and that is as big of a decision. and the attorney general does not go around thinking about suing the city. and this is not normal. the attorney general does not go around saying that i'm thinking about bringing a lawsuit that he wants them to do what he is wants to do without evidence that he's done anything wrong. lou: we seem to say this
7:59 pm
increasingly across the entire breadth of the administration. what is going on? who are these guys and what are they thinking and doing? this is an administration unlike any i have seen and i have seen some doozies. >> the biggest issue is that washington is putting this directly on the city of ferguson and leaders and its not allowing the city to take responsibility and it's interesting because some of the reports, a lot of the city leaders say that they hadn't seen or heard of these particular protocols at the justice department wanted to do it, it's almost as if they are playing this out in a piece of political theater in the media and i think that jason is right that alluding to the fact that they may sue has a lot bigger consequence almost to the same consequence if they do and that is a very unsettling effort when you're trying to table like this to your point. lou: giuliani says that he doesn't believe that obama loves
8:00 pm
america. >> this present life has been centered on those likeness. lou: thank you for being with us and good night from new york. neil: get him a job and you just might not have them go for your throat. welcome, everyone, it is not just the state department. her boss and his boss say it is true. if you truly want terrorists to stop, how about we start help them find work. >> we do have to address the grievances that terrorist splayed. including economic grievances and invest in the education and skills and job training that our young people need. confronting this and make new commitments to help young people. ford's new collaborations and entrepreneurship and science and technology.


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